Lionel Messi Scores Two Goals and Dazzles In Champions League Quarterfinals | Game Highlights

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The best of Lionel Messi in the second leg of Barcelona’s Champions League clash with Manchester United.

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TheMenghi1 says:

Second goal was a mistake from Gea.

colomboro meloro says:

The second goal curtiño faults the player when messi got the ball, ref didn't see it or didn't want to call it

volley master says:

Mess has been doing great at club level games.

P N says:

Please look carefully the trajectory of the ball from aerial view when Messi scored 2nd goal. It changed direction because of the effects that is the reason why De Gea missed it. Messi is an inventor and a finisher not like others…

jonasito0685 says:

Messi made Dr he's look like a Sunday league

Miguel Vivanco says:

Who's the #4….terrible,terrible defenseman

Հայի իրավունքով says:

Messi has a ability to hypnotize opposite players and goal keepers so they think there his teammates, that’s wrong that’s illegal and that’s not fair UEFA should investigate this 🧐

Castillo Suazo says:

sabes muy bien ke tienes un delantero abilidoso no entiendo porke darle espasio

Snork Town says:

Salty commentator

Leonardo Kwak says:

Wow finally a goal in quarter's..took 6 years.. thank god

Ivan 1991 says:

Alexis Sanchez, talent gone to wasted.

Detomaso Pantera says:

De gea…oh boy

AI 2.0 says:

Damn Coutinho

OD CR says:

Remember De Gea's mistake against Portugal in the World Cup last year.

Aamir Razak says:

Great performance from the goat and Barcelona! Forca

Frailhealer 23 says:

Manchester is only good in the premier league

shaunbir klair says:

Messi got me looking on my phone thinking it’s 2015

Navaro Palm says:

LM10 > CR7. Confirmed for the Nth time.

Raul Zaragoza says:

"De GeA Is ThE BeSt GoAlKeePer"

Steel Chin says:

Messi is the GOAT🐐 world class performance

1990Thunderbolt says:

Messi = BMW!

Ronaldo = Mercedes Benz!

BMW >>>> Mercedes Benz! <3

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