Barcelona's Gerard Pique and Alex Song brawl on opentop bus after winning Spanish title.

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Barcelona stars Gerard Pique and Alex Song appear to have been scrapping while on top of the team’s double-decker bus to celebrate their La Liga triumph. In these astonishing pictures, former Arsenal midfielder Song and Pique, popstar Shakira’s boyfriend, look as if they are brawling while the bus makes its way around the Catalan city.


taufik nurmansyah says:

ok kids…blind your eyes

Oh yeah baby says:

I DONT FUCKING SEE IT when they fight 

CorgiPorgi says:

What team doesn't get pissed after winning a Championship?

Arsenal125Foward says:

Thats not what he said at all. Read the comment again and maybe you can understand it. What he said is that kids look up to the players and that they see them drunk so they are not setting a good example. Was it that hard?

analogfog says:

no, i think he wants them to not be drunk as hell and maybe stop giving people the middle finger

Culeshit Mou says:

very good example to those kids who came out in the streets to see their idols drunk like this..

Falrok Lakro says:

They're so drunk lol 😛 .

valentin irinel Oancea says:

si tie la fel

sonmuzt says:

good job, song!

Stuftoc says:

Muie messi !

Cristian Popovici '84 says:

astia nici sa bea nu stiu, sa se uite la Nikolic :))

Stuftoc says:

Betivii dreacu .

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