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Welcome to another episode in the FIFA 18 Career Mode Rebuilding challenge series!

Thank you to OneFootball for sponsoring today’s Rebuild:

The whole objective of this rebuilding challenge is to see how many seasons it takes through simulation and transfer business to qualify for a Champions League final, it’ll then be up to us to put our skills to the test and see if we can complete the job! For today’s instalment of the series we are going to be rebuilding Everton! Make sure you leave a like if you enjoyed the video and want to see more 🙂

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JarradHD says:

Working on some massive Rebuilds…keep a close eye out over the next few weeks!

Mr Biggo says:

Andre Gomes actually plays at Everton now

henriko ganesha putra says:

West ham rebuild

Liam Brown says:

Everton signed andre gomes in real life

Lucas AZ says:

I love Everton

HotspurHD says:

Fake Final… #COYS

Møłēmö ¿? says:


Tmpa Renthlei says:

weird sandro started from fc barcelona

KC4764 says:

No way he got Gomes

Annmarie Bellew says:

Get Colman back now😤😤

- ExTrEmE - says:

U read Gomes like Gomez

Josh Kelly says:

Watching this video more ur killing me Selling Gana, Pickford if I keep watching and u sell baines then I’ll never watch u ever again

Josh Kelly says:

Mate u just lost a sub from selling selling Coleman I’m a Everton fan and by u selling Coleman that’s a big part of Everton there

Nikola Sisevic says:

predicted gomes transfer hehe

The Kobster 05 says:

I scorpion kicked the like button and won a Puskas

The_Lost_Gamer Gaming channel says:

Do this in fifa 19

ahmed laith says:

9:52 you predicted the future he actually signed for everton on loan!!!

FaZe pemby says:

How do you sign a pre contract signing

KyrSt says:

Well, in summer of 18' Everton did sign Andre Gomes from Barcelona

Jordan Scott says:

you called Andre Gomes

Nathan Hollis says:

Nah I know the rules insnt don't get bummed but you sold Coleman future captain

Adamhi 09 says:

I’m a seaso; ticket holder

Samuel Taylor says:

Vlasic is from Croatia

Charlie Hodgson says:

Anyone watching this when Andre Gomes has signed for Everton

Footy Legend611 says:

I'm watching this with silva in charge

Ig RaGe says:

Best video ever wish it happened in real life Dow

GW 204 says:

Ik its a rebuild but I dont rlly like all the unrealistic signings and OP contracts

Lincoln Kennedy says:

Everton really needed this

Megan Gardom says:

14:01 Stoke 4th????😱
Arsenal 13th?????😱

…Arsenal Fan tv won’t be happy

Katy Vaux says:

I sold him for 29.5 mill (coleman)

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