FC Barcelona Song – Jo soc culé (Lyrics)

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Jo soc culé, soc de les corts
T’animaré, fins a la mort
Jo soc culé, vaig al camp nou
On tornarem, a ser campions
Som l’aficio del barça
que està descontrolada
I sempre t’acompanya
No importa la distància
Perquè barça jo t’estimo amb passio
Et porto dins el meu cor….

Translation to English:
I’m culé, I’m from Les Corts
I’ll support you to death
I’m culé, I’m going to Camp Nou
To a place where we are going to be champions again
We are the fans of Barca
And we are out of control
And will always string along with you
No matter the distance
Because Barça I love you with passion
I carry you in my heart

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