Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves 3-1: Copa Del Rey Final: Live Reaction By MNT

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Match highlights:



Leo Sellei says:

Only the cdr last season tho.

Julen Maestu says:

La cara que se le quedo el pinche huevon cuando marco el alaves

Very Stylish says:

it's a copa de rey come down

HaHaHacks says:

Messi 2 pre assist to Neymar and Himself 1 goal 1 assist to paco

Pagaga VBLOGS says:


rebpol says:

marv is the fakest fan i have ever seen..

Sarxan Ismiev says:


David Santana says:


Beuno says:

So much disrespect… When Real won this all the fans were happy while Barca won everything else… Let them have this win. As a Portuguese, I hope Andre Gomes plays very well next season because the recent games he has been playing has shown that he still good but has been struggling a little, hopefully, he overcomes that and has more confidence. && react to this "Bernardo Silva – Welcome to Manchester City – Crazy Skills Show, Tricks, Passes & Goals – 2017" Great Portuguese player 😀

Mimi cr7 says:

Congrats mate

MXProductions says:

weee did it because of the best in histooooorryyyyyyyyyy
nice reaction as always Trey

Pat Rick says:

New title : barcelona wins the most important title this year

Natanael almeida says:

hey could you react to that?
it's about Bernardo silva a young Monaco player who just signed for man city, he is brilliant mate!

HiTechJ says:

That boy Theo is coming to madrid

HiTechJ says:

Pique is booty, I mean ffs. Lol


dude it's ok that's marginally offside it doesn't matter because even without neymar goal they won

RMCF- BOY says:

thats Copa del rey and not champions league

_ Jacob__ says:

Barca really need to buy some players Congratulations on winning a trophy though.

Leona says:

Lol idk how much can u be happy with winning just this trophie but congrats this is better than nothing??

Pro Gamer says:

That could be Mascherano last game for Barca sad way to end if it is Legend

Aryan Kumar says:

Reaction to Lewandowski! Please

Here's the link-

Brian Harkin says:

Neymar Welcome to Manchester United.

21 Gayy says:

Bro like We're now gonna play against Real Madrid for copa espana

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