FIFA 18 Barcelona Career Mode – EP1 – Neymar Returns To Barcelona!! Record Breaking £200m Signing!!

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Jessie Yu says:

Why don’t you buy Ronaldo

sethkiller 360 says:

Bring back suarez for MSN

GOLD says:

That’s actually pretty cool 0:55

DeadEye says:

Dembele Have to be 7n and Neymar have to be 11

im says:

so this is the series that made so many unrealistic transfers, no wonder so many people want unrealistic transfers in fifa19 career mode

Explicit Content says:

Ur mean u sold suarez

Bhavna Mandalia says:

Sign Ibrahimovic to barecelona

Bhavna Mandalia says:

Sign Pogba to barecelona

Explicit Content says:

How could u get rid of Suarez MSN??

Mobeen Akhtar says:

u could have signed suarez and made msn a thing again

saneeh mohammed says:


Rosa González says:

MESSI is better than neymar

Savage Gamer Pro says:

PRESS CONFERENCE: What player do you think will be promising in the future

Eyad Abulnaga says:

sign coutinho as #14
neymar 11
dembele 7
martial 9 / 19

the man with a plan says:

ugh good thing this isn't irl we dont want him back and i think there are rumors of neymar moving to real madrid

Messi Best 10 says:

Martial should have jersey 19 or 17

Leonal Messi says:


Spacedust Daddy says:

Sell martial for dybala
Get dybala he'll be the replacement for messi and neymar well the snake will be the snake

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