FC Barcelona – Bubble football at St. Georges Park

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The evening session was a combination of sport and leisure activities: there were a bit of fun and games on display, without ignoring the need for the physical preparation.

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Abdllah Alkhatib says:

في حدا عربي

ahmed kunni says:

#FC Barcelona

الل اللل says:




bahti kanybekov says:


chanario2 says:

Like si viste el partido del barsa contra el sevilla y viste el gol de dembele

Gabriel Macedo Bento De Lima says:

Messi neymar ?

Artem Fedotov says:


La Liga Expert says:

La Liga would be more competitive if they made Barca play in bubbles

Amblehhh says:


iiKingqxit says:

Some wild lions here.

Karina Gravez says:

Los mejores del mundo se divierten eso barcelona

Spaz ? says:

Did Messi say “ stop recording “ at the end ?

Mahfuz Islam says:

Barcelona is the best team in the world??????

Jesus Agular says:

Eso es un factor clave en el buen funcionamiento de un equipo la convivencia por eso el barça es un equipaso

supremo jogos says:

Brasil ????????????

Santhiago Garcia Gamboa says:

crack barca ♥

Muhammad barjis lee says:

Barcelona team plz help Kerala floods

James Allen says:

English Spanish speaker present

gustavo wilson says:

Messi Messi ole ole ole Messi Messi ole ole ole Messi


Porque hablan inglés siendo españoles falta de respeto?

yuneng Leow says:

Where is Coutinho?

XxNoProxX says:

xD Loved This Video??????

خالد سعد says:


גרפימק ג'נט says:

אני יוטבר

Laschultz33 says:

Neymar retired

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