Pep Guardiola vs Tito Vilanova (barça football indoor)

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El Barça de Pep Guardiola juega contra el Barça de Tito Vilanova en la Maratón contra la Pobreza.


Los Fierros says:

Why is one of them wearing green nd his teammates are in yellow??

Zion 81 says:

Os caras não sabem jogar futsal kkkkkkkk…

lil bean says:

how cool would it be to have the likes of Kevin de Bruyne, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo ect. do this ?

Oscar Godoy says:

8:03 es la mejor jugada que he visto en mi vida ???

Oscar Godoy says:

Juegan mejor que los jugadores de fútbol sala

muktar ismael says:

Why didn't messi play in this

Danneh SG says:

Piqué ?

Jack Ripper Jr says:

Busquets with iniesta as team is illegal

Loris Lewandoski says:

Why is the one coloured in green playin 2 sided

Mehdi Mousavi says:

The most interesting game I've ever seen

alika arza says:

سبحن الله……

Rayhan Endok says:

Futsal goblokk

Patrick Bytyqi says:

Pique es gracioso

David Luiz says:

Rip Tito ? you'll be the best coach after Guardiola.

Saman cheetry says:

RIP Tito! Miss you, man!

IlCaR LoSIl says:

Lol qué bueno, como no había visto esto antes ? Xd

JR 68 says:

2018 anyone? I love watching xavi and prime iniesta

Nick Lee says:

I’m from 2018

Abhinav Sinha says:

fuck barca fuck guardiola

Shouvik Roy says:

salud de familia

Riq says:

Wow, their first touch are so amazing.

Carapan 0502 says:

Yo estaba alli

Arja Rocks says:

Piqué is crap

Ebert TV says:

Ik ben voor pep

Matias Cubillos says:

Lo que hizo pique de ponerse la pelota en la polera y avanzar es posible en futbol 11?

Saida Zade says:


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