Barcelona fc club song (English subtitles)

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Himne del Barca – the official clubs song. In Catalan with English subtitles


Youssef Assem says:

Tant's se val dom venim that's the most important thing we are all United in barca whatever we come from

Orxan Isayev says:

fuck madrid

Reinoud Van Osselaer says:

Messi Neymar Suarez

Best trio in the world

Miki Tapir says:

Messi der beste spieler der welt und neymar suarez

Bas de Klein says:

Barca the best

Marc Sabates says:

Visca el Barça i sobretot visca Catalunya lliure //*//

GreenPhoenix says:

Why is the Scottish flag there???

Djo Ko says:

Thanks for the translation

Lilit Khachatryan says:

BARCA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MESSI #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

français antiextremiste says:

força Barça! força Catalunya! força la masia! mon amour pour la Catalogne est très forte j'aimerais toujours le Barça à la vie à la mort! et força marc Marquez!!

Ahmad Emour says:

Forsa Barc‘a

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