FC Barcelona Song – English Subtitles

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FC Barcelona Song, in Catalan with English subtitles. Loved the experience of seeing my first Barca game I made this to help me memorize the song. Live clips are from FCB vs. Real Zargosa in November 2011.



Força Barca

A Leon says:

thank you. Love the music and remind me of my ancestors!!!

king of anime says:

I love barsa

Kevin Holland says:

Passionate song, nothing like it anywhere else.

Жанлав Төмөрсүх says:

Visca El barca. From Mongolia

El Magnifico says:

Barca barca barca 3 for ever

Anders Rasmussen says:

My first time seeing Barca at Camp Nou was Barca-Málaga 4-1 <3<3

Dror Sella says:

Barca !barca! Barca!!!

KillerBeadle2two says:

The first game I saw was Barça vs Betis for the first time in the 2011/12 season

Ocupiopulus says:

2 swines from madrid =)

bigtl14 says:

I too was at that game in november 2011, my first experience at camp nou also

cfcsteve86 says:

Beat Barcelona without a dodgy referee! justice has been done 🙂

julien Adam says:

a beautiful song

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