Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid (Fights, Fouls, Red Cards)

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Hamraz Shaikh says:

3:15 you can hear divemar say 'puta'. ?

mesut husni says:

I hate godin,raul garcia ,d.costa all of them are shit in one club

sonia polus says:

The doesn't feel like a soccer match it feels like wrestling matches

MrKaravaj says:

2:31 Leo good guy

T.Series CHANNEL says:

Superb video

Puatermi says:

Como lloran los colchoneros no?

Puatermi says:

Como lloran los colchoneros no?

Nishan Thapa says:

this fuking video is age restricted you fucking kidding me bro??

Bruhan Mohamed says:

Atletico go work

David Zheng says:

neymar what a funny diver lol

Qadeer Iqbal says:

barka dogs best actors

Ameer Qayyum says:

Atletico only know to fight. Poor them, there really try hard to even be in same level as barca, there really able to defeat barca at ucl but still doesn't win it. Hahaha

jamet bona says:

Suarez king diving

Call of duty ghost says:

barca booooooooooooooooooooo

Dera Pindiwaal Da ڈيره پنڈی وال دا says:

somebody tell me the music name…..starts from 6th min…

rohan raut says:

Atletico defenders made neymar their bitch

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