5 Reasons Why Neymar Left Barcelona for PSG in 222 million Transfer | Transfer news 2017

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aMSN Football says:

Lionel Messi Unluckiest Match in his Football career

Vishnu Miriyala says:

U r wrong because he dont bolland cup

Jarif Mustafa says:

Neymar sucks.messi the best of all time

Saksham Pradhan says:

Messi treat him like a friend and gave away his penalties to him.

Ali Nadeem says:

Neymar loves Messi 3rd reason is incorrect

Anu Njarukottail says:

No one is better than messi

A little gamer says:

He also left fcb for jersey no.10

Gaming world says:


Prem Ghai says:

Neymar went to PSG so he could accomplish his dreams

Atrijo Sengupta says:

I ll give u one reason because he left Barca , he was incapable of being better than Messi

Justin Becker says:

Why would Neymar think he is under Messi s shadow. Messi always treats him like a friend.

Shreyash Mohurle says:

Neymar can never leave Barcelona for coming out of Messi's shadow he was one of the best friend their friendship could be seen not only in the field but also out of it . And their duet was the bessst in the world . So this is a complete lie that he left barca to get out of Messi's shadow.

Savage X-Gamer says:

Brazil – Santos- Barcelona – PSG, Neymar Is My Favourite Soccer Player But I Still Like Think Of Him In Barcelona, Going To PSG Is Not A Bad Decision But O Like The One In Barcelona

Shobha Somu says:

messi and neymar are the best friends
neymar was not in shadow of messi

John Bean says:

Too fast writing bro

Puja Hamal Thakuri says:

Neymar and messi are closet friends

dani widyastuti says:

But messi is give 1 penalty to neymar why neymar want to escape from messi

Papa Amanfo says:

Neymar come back pleasseee Barca, Barca, Barca!!!

junaid khan says:

because he cannot be number one in BFC

Abhay Satheesh says:

Neymar didn't dislike Messi,they where best friends

Elwood 11 says:

I think neymar's diving and antics make him that much worse of a player.he could be so great but because of all the negative bs he does makes him not as good as he is. He had the most embarrassing world cup acting like a little baby and making the sport look like a joke

Roman Adhikari says:

that's good because neymar left barcelona

Kioro De La Cruz says:

Boo neymar that he left???

xxxskullz xxx says:

I'm sad about that neymar has left D;

xxxskullz xxx says:

Actually neymar was happy in Barcelona and if you look at all the memories messi neymar was best friends they even brought each over burgers after the last day

Fc Barcelona Barcelona says:

Naymar never wanted to leav Barcelona he why you think ? he and Messi were best friends he actually missed Barcelona

Vminkook gotbangtan says:

why people hate neymar i don't understand Neymar is a like international Player but why they hate him why not other's coz he always gets angry ,He is fakes (trying to fall down for free kicks or others) hell at others , want to get best player of football or others???? why him why neymar haters (heyyo if you are reading these ; and you are a fan of neymar this is not for you ok)

FuckAllah JihadWallahShit says:

Speak english

Bëňxo - says:

Ummm 3rd one is not true they're the best duo

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