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Mgh says:

Thanks for watching guys – I'm super excited for FIFA 18! Make sure you subscribe for the brand new Arsenal Career mode starting soon!

Tajay Pringle says:

Talk too much Daddy real med

Rinku Kalita says:

Link of game plese

Ali Cina says:

this the only way epl fans can get messi hahahahha

Mischievous Gamer says:

I payed 112,390,000

J M says:

Um I did a contract with messi but he won't appear on my team can someone help me

Goalie 101 s says:

ronaldo is better than messi at the same age as messi

ya123458 ya123458 says:

I buy neymar with 400million

KLD match attacks says:

Hi I really like your videos do you want to do a sub to sub are you up for it my 2nd channel is called kason doran

Gourab Saha says:

32 yr old but better than anyone else.

ogrim weu says:

i buyed 95 dybala with 220milion 😀


Ronaldo is father of messi

John Oaks says:

You save before any negotiations. If they go sideways, you exit the game and try again until you get a deal you want.

Bogdan Shumenko says:

I like how they’re all the same height

Rico says:

are you stupid this is fucking easy

The G19 says:

I know nothing about soccer ???

James Rallison says:

Been here since fifa 13

dieauferstehung says:

messi cant speak english fake

My Music says:

why are you taking side of messi

My Music says:

are you messi fan

Karim Merzaq says:

I am using PSG in my career mode, and I signed Messi, Ronaldo, Godin, and Icardi

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