FC Barcelona 2015/16 presentation [FULL VERSION]

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Luis Enrique’s Barça 2015/16 presented to the Camp Nou faithful in the build-up to the Joan Gamper Trophy this Wednesday.

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Dasher Vock says:

I love FC Barcelona and this team it's best team on world

reyal madred says:


Mainara Savariz says:

Porque será q o Neimala foi parar no Barcelona!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

haiqal rockz says:

Where messi and suarez

عاشقة الكتلان says:

اين ميسي

Robert Awokuse says:

cheer Barca

ابو مصطفى البعاج البعاج says:


Maha Ghaleb Chahine chahine says:

j'aime barcelona et felicitation MSN

انا اهلاوي says:

ميسي الفضل

Abdur Rahman says:

oh i just sawed messi

Abdur Rahman says:

but i did not see messi

Aris Olympiakos says:

I was honored to see a Barcelona's match for first time in my life and it happened to be in that day! It was truly a unique and magnificent experience which i will never forget!! #TheBestFootballisBack

Vilisoni Ahovelo says:

messi is cool

Mehmet kuyumcu says:

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Connor Garrett says:

I was there xx

Hristo 290306 Hristov says:


hillary honey says:

visca barca

hillary honey says:

visca barca

Satrio Paputungan says:

barcelona is terbaik sepanjang masa forever

Joel Matuanana says:


Exzavier Chavez says:

In 11:16 he said number 11 to rafinia rafinia is 12

Angel Marquez says:

el barcelona no sabe jugar igual que messi

Christopel Sianturi says:

I love this club very much ☺☺

Lemillion says:

messi look a little emo

Erik 28 says:

BEST CLUB IN THE WORLD !!! I'am pleased to see Arda and Vidal ( the whole team) (;

Heugi-J says:

Dam this intro was beautiful! I swear!

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