Spoiling the Spanish anthem

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Bilbao and Barça supporters spoiled the Spanish anthem at Copa del Rey final 2015.


Mashael says:

Visca Catalunya!!! ❤️?❤️?

Bobby Bornali says:

Let them play football,keep away from all these.otherwise we will lost good players

Zarrar 9 says:

I used to be a Barça supporter but after this incident screw the low life creatures… You are booing those because of whom you are earning your bread and butter

Bandito says:


Riley Andersen says:

Disrespectful ! ??????????????????????

Edu Leon says:

Si me quiero independizar, haria lo mismo.

Ngongo Gongo says:

UK has had two massive referendums time for Catalonia to have one

Kishore Singh says:

I can't hear

Juanjo TT says:

Es libertad de expresión pero tambien una gran falta de respeto

Neptune Consus says:

In spanish television they censored this and add the spanish anthem

Hugo says:

Absolutely discussing and disrespectful!

DoktorCL says:

With Franco this didn't happen.

Cbr 3 says:

Barcelona is too overrated

Pájaros De Compañía says:

Viva Españaaaaaa

Patrick Bytyqi says:

What did the Basque part mean ?

SizajPL 1922 says:

Viva Franco Arriba Espana!

SportsLife365 says:

Fuck those Spanish dogs; freedom to Basque Country and freedom to Catalonia!

Hervé Duchateau says:

Fuck Spain and their fucking king

Luis Rodriguez says:

They like to spoil there anthem! With respect you get more!

Mukthar Mohammad says:

Catalonia will be free Basque will be free

Chris Keller says:

you can't even hear the anthem. 🙂

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