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md jewel says:

How to download this games…..plz help me……

darkwear gt growtopia says:

I noticed that signning players the longer the contract the more they want for young players

Gaming With Aritan says:

guys check out this fifa18 app asm

darkwear gt growtopia says:

When they young yoy say 3 year and 4 year is different wage 5 year most money asked

darkwear gt growtopia says:

I just offer the amount barca buy him for lol stupid me he was 87 that days

Mr. pokemon12 says:

I got neymar back I got irbbra and quentrio and arsenal goalkeeper and ter and Adrian otlea

Walter Hernandez says:

To me, it fucking sucks that EA lost the Camp Nou to KONAMI!

Michael Garcia says:

Got Countinho

Michael Garcia says:

I aint got Dembele on Barca I got CRISTIANO RONALDO

Michael Garcia says:

I feel sad when they just act like a 21 savage and leave

Michael Garcia says:

I play Manager in Career Mode I signed Ronaldo Neuer Ramos Marcelo Countinho and Griezman

gabel 127z says:

dat boi jr ?? were the fuckk is he ??

Sarosh Yousuf says:

its only for 1 week

Master cradles says:

sign Neymar back

Death To capitailists says:

delagating is better bc it saves you money

oliver thompson says:

you should have continued this career mode

the Challenge Boys says:

I came to see a game

iReaper says:

My favourite team is Fc Barcelona and i chosed it too for fifa 18 career

똥파리TV says:

hey how can dembele appear,?

Film İzle says:

I think messi is bad AGE 30

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