Bigger January transfer window storyline: Frenkie de Jong or Milan? | Transfer Window

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Gab Marcotti, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Sebi Salazar review the January transfer window. Gab says that Milan’s addition of Krzysztof Piatek and Lucas Paqueta to replace Gonzalo Higuain was the biggest storyline of the month while (1:15) Ale Moreno and Steve Nicol say that Barcelona’s addition of Frenkie de Jong was bigger.

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LipJobby says:

So happy we nabbed De Jong and he didn’t go to the golden prison in Paris

Dennis213100 says:

de Jong is one of those few players who turn into a different person when they're playing in a football match. When he plays he ascends and to even see everything incredible he achieves on the field you need to pay really close attention.

Ben10 says:

Rakatic should leave Barca at the end of the season. He is not good enough anymore and has done little this season. Frenkie & Arthur to start with Busquets from next season

MrBananaSamich says:

One of the worst windows in a while, although my two best friends are milan fans and they couldnt of been happier with their business… and not just piatek who everyones talking about, but this paqueta guy already has their praise.

Zeo Mempho says:

bro barcas squad is just plain terrifying

Salim Huerta says:

De Ligt to Barca hopefully happens in the summer and is the transfer of the year unless Mbappe or Neymar go to Barca or Madrid

Anshul Kumawat says:

All things good but from where in hell are Barcelona gonna find another Busquets

football dynamo says:

Felliani to China is such a letdown the premier league won't be the same without him. I know he gets a lot of flack but the guy is underrated

kenny de Groot says:

he hasn't won anything!they are letting a 120mln player like dembele sit on the bench! you really think he can make the 1st squad?????these transfers are ridiculous

jimipurple123 says:

De jong is 21 and on 300k a week. Joke

Jose Hidalgo says:

De Jong will be taking over for Busi and I love it WelcomeFrenkieDeJong??

Lex Zone-Six says:

Newcastle signed Almiron for over 20 million. They never spend money.

sld1776 says:

Barca midfield triangle: Busquets, Arthur, and De Jong. Wow.

PC 14 says:

Forza Milan

flasheaux says:

Desperate to hype hopeless Milan. Gattuso is no manager. He's Joe Jordan's bitch.

Björn Finkelburgensteinski says:

Even with big names like Higuain and De Jong, Piatek seems like the signing of the season. What class ?

kaki langit says:

not pulisic of course.. thats robbery from dortmund,. bum

Russell ward says:

Barca hardly “sneaked in”. They were the favorites from the start. They’re the team he wanted to go to most of all.

Michael St. Hill says:

It never ceases to amaze how Rakitic is devalued and taken for granted.
Rakitic is probably the best midfield player in Europe today.
Rakitic is not going anywhere for 2 to 3 more years; Busquets is likely to leave before Rakitic.
De Jong will be an understudy to Rakitic and will have to get playing time in rotation as the 3rd or 4th midfielder in competition with
Arthur, Arturo Vidal, Alenya, Rafinha and Samper assuming none of these players leave.
The one midfield player who will not be leaving FC Barcelona anytime soon is
Ivan Rakitic.

Notorious Nerd says:

De Jong will flop like Alan Halilovic.

LX Jump says:

75 for de jong in this market is an heist. this guy will play for12+ years on the highest level and can play on so many positions. barca automatically filled one spot for 12 years for max 90mio. also its very rare that a player has this specific barca styleof play so they did everything right. if you watch him play than you clearly see that this is a legend in the making

Lenny Moon says:

ESPN Burley really has a job #sackburleynow

abdullah zafar says:

PSG spent 40 mil on Parades but not play Rabiot while still paying his wages

SIBI K says:

De jong wont be in the starting 11 in barca, even if rakitic leaves it will be coutinho, arthur and busquets in the midfield with dembele messi and suarez in attack.

Retro Fury says:

I think Piatek just about edges out De jong

Kak Kak says:

Piatek is such a steal for Milan !! 35 mil for such a talent

Alex Blatte says:


John-ice #Halamadrid says:

De Jong played 2 games against france and Germany and suddenly he a world beater? Wtf..Am sure steve Nicol just a watch a couple youtube videos cuz am sure he doesn't watch the dutch league and same goes for most y'all here..Youtube videos makes anyone look good..this guy not even better than Marcos Llorente

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