Amazing FC Barcelona Anthem Reaction!

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• Bazanji – Runaway…


Tommy Whooozhy says:

SOCCER SOCCER SOCCER!! You mean football

Thomas Of Torquemada MCDXX says:

Visca Barca

Blooper Master says:

React to barca vs PSG comeback

Ahtasam says:

Barca have the biggest football stadium in europe, capacity about 99K

Chris Jericho says:

dude, Barca and Real's Crowds are the worst. Liverpool/Dortmund are the best.

Ace0fGam1NG says:

yo dude you have to react to this (Messi is a dog – Messi es un Perro – never dives) by far the greatest footballing video you will ever see, btw keep up the good work, love your videos.

MrMooemoney says:

yo what happen to the xavi reaction? peace

Rafael Vidarte says:

please react to messi the best player in the history / Dedicado a Salvador Aparicio HD

Nicolas says:

Homie, if you liked that video I hope you react to the followng one> "Recibimiento" Rosario Central (Los Guerreros) vs Sarmiento 2015" by RosariocentralOrg Im not even a fan of that team, but thats incredible.

Turtle TwisT says:

PLEASE! React to some Atletico Madrid video, they are the third best team in spain behind Real and Barca altough we beat them fairly often. We were in last years Champions League final! The third best player in the world plays for us, his name is Antoine Griezmann.
Heres a good one!:

Daniel Bolas says:

lol react to Liverpool fan chants "you'll never walk alone" they're the bet fans in the world

Hassan Naseer says:

plz react to top 10 electrifying football anthoms. amazing atmosphere

DarthHistory00 says:

You should do real Madrids one too, it's epic whenever they score at home it's plays !

Omer Khan says:

I have that logo, best team in the world!!!

Black Shadow says:

react to pwg mystery vortex II

Kieran Tierney Enthusiast says:

Can you react to "atmosphere at Celtic park recorded by Barcelona fan" another fan video, one of the best atmospheres ever

Mr Pantone says:

Football Year in Review 2016, but please actually react to this

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