*BREAKING NEWS!* Barcelona Agrees Deal with Rabiot! – Barcelona Transfer News | BugaLuis

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According to Le Parisien in France, Barcelona has agree a deal with Rabiot and a deal is left to be discussed between PSG and Barca. Certainly, in my opinion it will be difficult to do it in during this winter transfer window but that may just be what Barca wants?!

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precious iyinbor says:

Gomez transfer money would pay for it and to me that is a fantastic deal.

Janaina Jesus says:

Bem vindo ao Barcelona

Priyanuj Doloi says:

No no plz no rabiot..only de Jong is enough

struggle for life says:

we need de jong!!!!!!

Chrys Ugma says:

Luis, according to RAC1 Barcelona board is planning to sign a Center back. Umtiti and Vermaelen are sideline and we need a decent CB to strengthen our defense more than the midfielder.. Rabiot is ok but we gotta save some money for a chance to get Matthias De Ligt. If we don't get De Ligt then life is anarchy

Mahan Taba says:

Trust chumi no need to buy a new center back. Dont buy rabiot sell refinha and denis promote puig and let alena play more and if we get de jong great if not then thats unfortunate but we definitely need de ligt

Lino Lino says:

Mark my words…they will sell rakitic in January or winter transfer. Rakitic will not be at barca next season

Stephanos Parcci says:

He is free transfer and Busqets can have some rest so why not..
Visca barça ????

Ranique Gordon says:

Com on, he will fit in, busquet is getting old, he can play his role, n give busquet time to rest at time's because he plays often

Henry Idahagbon says:

Dude it’s just a rumour. Y’all should stop believing everything the media says. If rabiot comes, it’s be in the summer not in January

John Blessed says:

I am not a Rabiot fan but if we can get him for a small fee or free then it would be good business because he is a good midfielder.

Freedom fighter says:

Loan Denis and bring in rabiot

Serge Nban says:

Yes !!!! am so happy. This guy is pure quality

The Boy says:

Not at Barça level….

Shahed Ali says:

Rafinha, Denis, Rakitic out
De Jong, Rabiot in looks like it seems sense

Shahed Ali says:

I think Frenkie De Jong may not happen, unless Rakitic leaves


Rabiot in january
De jong in summer
Rafinhia out
Denis out
Rakitic out
Our midfield- busquets arthur vidal coutinho rabiot de jong alena

A Crip Bear says:

No please we need a player like de Jong or a decent Cb.

Doe John says:

RAC1.there is no agreement

Adam King says:

#bugaluis if Rabiot and De Jong come we will have way too many midfielders

Florentia Perez says:

de jong ffs

Ebrima Jawneh says:

We don't need him at Barcelona. Barcelona should sign De Jong

Diya Roychowdhury says:

Rabiot is the replacement of Sergio busquets and there is no player like busquets in our team. So Basquets can get some rest

Culé Luke says:

I don't want him we need de Jong

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