Barcelona are 'trying to channel' Dembele in right direction | La Liga

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Sid Lowe, Stewart Robson and Shaka Hislop react to the recent statements by Barcelona players about Ousmane Dembele potentially being an effort to help him regain focus and form at the club.

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Blackie Chan says:

They only talk about him when he's doing bad
He's been good for the past 3 matches and no word for them

Abdullah Abdinur says:

We not selling dembele viva Barca.

Bryson Sabun says:

Dembele Attitude?? He comes late to the training and then he scores some late goals that saves our asses , thanks to him

When things Happen says:

I only came because he scored and saved us a point

flightmizzarc says:

Smh stop with these stories

Xavi Neira says:


Sumer Rana says:

He's only 22 worth the money for Liverpool, I hope boss Klopp feels the same

Tabs T says:

His name is now tarnished in spain. He should leave before fans really turn on him.

Hammad Rahman says:

Bring him to United. We need a RW. Along with a new manager?which unfortunately won’t happen any time soon

David says:

cant wait for an updated video on dembele from todays game against atletico madrid

Sayros says:

You can add a 5th key goal this season to save Barcelona again today. They would be in much worse shape without him.

T.A.B says:

He just scored a goal in the 90th min against Atletico, so shut the fuck up and let the kid play.

David Jr Zamudio says:

I think they’re trying to push Dembele to leave so Neymar can come back.

Giovanni Mckenzie says:

Suarez is a racist cunt

Hemant Singh Mehta says:

He can play with both feet.
He can dribble.
He can scrore.
He can provide assits.
He is very fast.
But only problem with him is inconsistency coz of his confidence.

Fashion Review says:

Have you seen Squarez’s attitude, he literally bit off a guy’s arm and he ate it & Barcelona did nothing

Biggie Smalls says:

Should never have paid that much

Optimus Prime says:


Blue eyed Eurasian says:

MESSI vs Ronaldo
Neymar vs Salah
Demebele vs Mbappe?

Jkk Jkkas says:

He need to follow Paco alcacer move !!! Valverde doesn't want or need theme at Barcelona. Valverde doesn't know what to do with all those players that he got , his favorite formation is the 4 4 2 which is a scandal for Barcelona

Fortu Mohlala says:

Dembele is quite young and Barca needs to put proper mentors around him like former players etc. He's not beyond repair, he's not like Balotelli at City.

ademola adekunle says:

The coach is Barcelona greatest problem.


The kid was good and he was doing great things in Germany he fucked that up just to joined Barcelona. Players never learned. He still young and hes very good.

Christopher Martinez says:

Yeah cause if im playing for barca im not ever ever ever coming late or missing …. its all about professionalism

Stop Me says:

Dembele works very hard. Suarez should stfu and appreciate the kids hard work atleast.

Derrick Chua says:

I believe Dembele needs to be guided into Barcelona succession path. We can see that when Marc-André ter Stegen did not have much playing time and was under study of Claudio Bravo. Ter Stegen did not have much playing time but eventually became barcelona starting 11. The timing of transition into the first 11 is really important.

Elijah Fuller says:

So many La Masia Players waiting for an opportunity.

thouston7 says:

is Suarez allowed to play without a muzzle ?

Muhammad Shettima Jauro says:

Tbh Barca is a disgrace

Curtis Charles says:

and there we go again with the OVER REACTING , MEDIA LOOKING FOR ARTICLES , AGENDA… dembele reached to training late wasn't a problem just like valverde said it is blown out of proportion…spanish nasty writers who have an agenda (and we all know the reason) is doing this and everyone else in the media is picking up the story looking for something to discuss…people thrive on confusion

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