Lyon vs. Barcelona Champions League Round of 16 Leg 1 FULL Match Highlights: 0-0

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Lyon and Barcelona played to a 0-0 draw in the first leg of the Round of 16 at Parc Olympique Lyonnais.

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Great Game , great players and awesome saves by the gk

Gevik Vartanian says:

Barca vs Lopes

saltyninja says:

Damn lot of long range shots and saves in this game.

Marco Lamb says:

Barca really needs to pull their shit together

Quang Minh Nguyen Hoang says:

1:08 Ter stegen take a bow son. Lopes played incredibly well too. Honestly this is both of the gk's game.

Joseph Zapata says:

10 min more barca would of put it in

Mido The Football Genius says:

Lyon played really well if they sneak an away goal they could knock out Barcelona

julian murillo says:

Horrible performance by Barça… wretched.

chukzee alex says:

I wonder why ppl keeps on underrating this Lyon of a team. man city could only come out with a draw of their two matches with Lyon in the group stage and yet the English fans call them farmers teams. PSG is far better put man city and Liverpool together and it was this same Lyon that stopped PSG unbeaten run

bacaca23 says:

Valverde is such a demotivating coach. #Valverdeout

Dj Cool says:

That’s tuff for Barcelona they could beat Lyon 2:0

MrMbutube says:

25 shots only 5 on target, Barca is really struggling with Suarez. The thing that I don't understand why Valverde keep making Coutinho play as LW, why can't he play him as CAM. Also, Messi since his return from knee injury, he's been out of form(for his standard).

LTG says:

Both Goalkeepers put on great game

Corey Miskell says:

Barca's reaction at 3:14 was the entire night for them

FBI says:

Keep in mind Fakir will be playing at Camp Nou.. Terrifying

Noah Sohna says:

Lyon and ajax by far have been the best peforming teams of the round of 16

blowing trees says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA Messi can't play outside barcelona he's overrated ??????

Yo Bro says:

Dude you guys still post the score in the thumbnail? Wtf is the point stop doing that shit

Lion King says:

1:28 deny by who

amadib says:

Please don't put the score in the image for the video

Mash Kat07 says:

Garbage Barca. They are half way to exit

SPV says:

Suarez usually makes goos chances in games. But his finishing is always either super clinical or absolute shite every single game

wizardowlgenius says:

It doesn't look like Messi is at his best during the past few games.

M10 Football says:

Lyon are a good team but barca dominated that game, imagine if they had scored every shot on target they had. It just comes down to finishing

F Meh says:

How could Barca not beat Lyon WITHOUT Nabil Fekir??? Looks like every team in La Liga is bad now. First Real, now Barca.

TJ McAvoy-Jensen says:

I’m starting to think Lyon are a really good side. I think they’re underrated. They beat Man City in the group stages also

Jayant Mahajan says:

Barca at risk of elimination more than Madrid

Sir SwearsAlot says:

Lyon played defensively, Barcelona still played well, suarez is too slow and needs to be replaced. Can't run

Poor Pogba says:

1:28 Denied by Denayer..

Aamir Razak says:

As a Barcelona fan, this game was just so frustrating to watch. The defense totally shut out Lyon in the second half, yet the offense couldn’t score one goal but had 25 attempts. EV and Suárez cost us the game today, idk why dembele was subbed off for coutinho, who has been awful recently.
Just extremely frustrating all around, they shouldve won by 2 or three. EV was also a coward w the tactics and can’t bench Suárez and doesn’t even give Malcolm a chance. He didn’t bother taking any risks at all even tho Barça could’ve won the game if he had… #valverdeout

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