FIFA 18 PS3 | Barcelona vs Real Madrid (El Clasico) | FULL Game [HD] | @Onnethox

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Full match gameplay of FIFA 18 between FC Barcelona (FCB) and Real Madrid for PS3 / Xbox 360

The version of FIFA 18 on PS3/ Xbox 360 is called the Legacy Edition, but there are still certain changes.

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Noufel Noufel says:

FiFa 2018 Goode

DJ Zero PQ Records says:

how do u set up your camera angle like that?

Wesley Lima says:


Luan Pimentel says:

Qual o melhor: Fifa 18 ou Fifa 17 no Ultimate team? Tem alguma diferença no mercado de transferências?

Joaquin Cano Russi says:

Es fifa 15 o 14

X-Wolves_channel-X Rank A1 says:

Hello i have a WhatsApp group for fifa ( ps3/4 + xbox 360/one ) … if anyone would like to join text me at +971563092240

Adriano GamesBR says:

I found the gameplay pretty cool! I really liked the video and your channel!

Souberou Daouda says:

Allé Atletico Madrid

Fotballislife89 i says:

You should play Legendary Not Amentur and Pro

Carol Gusmão says:

Mil vezes Xbox 360

Maicon Candido says:

C e ruim viu bixo kkkkkkk

jhon laudegi says:

Dang that's crazy as the day with me but he didn't have time and it has Entendeu ? Nem eu ?

Web Clan says:

I can hear Ronaldo siuuuuuu

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