FC Barcelona MORE Tiki-Taka Skills in Training

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Check out MORE of Barcelona doing what they do best in training, as they practice the rondo to perfect their tika-taka passing style.


Desmond Wendt says:

guy just falls-
ooh… dat ruff.

Jakub Wrona says:

The best footbal team in histiry, I guess. I hope they recover in few years time and maybe become even better. Tito rest in peace.

Djaber Abdelwafi says:

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13triki says:

Could anyone explain to me what happens after 0:30 to the end? I see some players in light purple, dark purple, and in yellow vests. How are you to know where/whom to pass the ball?
Tia (thanks in advance)

Christopher Coke Robinson says:


Jayanth Mouli says:


remcos says:

that's not Bojan, I think it was Maxwell

makeruN ruNmake says:

Bojan Krkic xD

Sgrulli86 says:

you paste the first 12 second by FC Barcelona AMAZING Tiki-Taka Skills

Jimstar321 says:

you can use that to torture people!

remcos says:

Yes indeed 😀

isyraftengku says:

If you listen closely, you can here the cameraman giggle

Sam Davey says:

football daily are pure legend best football channel on youtube I ever watchted

Luka Vukmirovic says:

nothing special, like every football team training

Ewandion Ong says:

But Bayern have proven that this style of game can be broken through sheer physicality, aggressiveness and speed

Football Daily says:

Haha, love that conspiracy!

Dinaden says:

more like communication to the syrian rebels!!

Eloi Juanola Sánchez says:

Born TIKI-TATA 01/08/2013

cyanide drjet says:

He was Maxwell

Nelson says:

6 a 2 ahaha

X9682 says:

you can hear his grunt

love pink says:

If I had a dollar for everytime Barca passed the ball…..

Giovanni Salas says:

Neymar will just hog it

ezzio autidore says:

R.I.P tiki-taka;)

Eddy alhem says:

that someone is called maxwell.

Yanal Bourgan says:

0-3 AGG(0-7) hahahah

Maz Amd says:

Imagine being the piggy in the middle with that lot

LiquidSink says:

Nope. Messi has scored 21 hat tricks. Plus while he made his debut in 2004, he wasnt a first choice player till around 2006/2007.

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