Alex Song – Barcelona 2012

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Alex Song – Barcelona 2012


Nick Perez Olivo says:

el unico partido bueno que hizo ajajajaja el primero

Hasan Özçelik says:

cimboma gel cimbomaaaaa

Ben Collier says:

And now he's with West Ham..

Caike Sacramento says:


Seung Woo says:

In my opinion song works harder and defensively provides a physically stronger defensive structure than Busquets. Two things Busquets has the upper hand on him is the speed of transition (of the ball) from defence to attack, for example: receiving the ball from Pique and finding Messi, and also the tactical ability. Busquets ability in these two areas was highlighted under Guardiola where he was a major threat to Yaya Toure, and as another reason why Javier Mascherano was converted to centre back. Barcelona relies on their passing, how quickly they can move the ball to break down oppositions and how they can tactically outplay teams since they lack physically. And because Busquets provides a better insight in these areas, i believe he was used more often. Even though i think these are the reasons why, I regard song as a great midfielder as his quality was shown in his arsenal times. It never hurt Barcelona when song was played, he was an absolute joy to watch himself.

Daniel Di Fonzo says:

M'Vila and Song for Inter Milan are great, selling Guarn and Kuzmanovic (Cambiasso is already out). I would like Shaqiri and Cerci as well. 

Bolotism says:

It's like all his passes he's made this season 😂

womensrightslol says:

how do you tell if hes good if all he does is pass the ball and most of the time its not to anyone contested?

Massimo Rapuano says:

welcome to Napoli!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiberio135 says:

Alex Song is truly a GREAT midfielder. He is tough, 100% accurate, fast, not afraid to put muscle to force a play. We needed him against Bayern last year. This year he will be crucial in Champions, especially in away games.

tiberio135 says:

When Barcelona plays away against tough team I would like to see a midfield of Song, Busquets and Mascherano. Le'ts see if even Bayern can do a damn thing about it.

anxofarmesto says:

Excellent player for second halves, to secure victories and keep control of the game. If it means switching him for a striker (Pedro,Alexis) or a midfielder (Xavi,Iniesta, Fabregas) so be it…it's only for a few minutes, not a permanent thing.
Guardiola used Keita and Busquets with Toure Yaya. Rijkaard used Van Bommel or Motta and Cruyff sometimes sent Koeman or Nadal to the midfield to play alongside Guardiola…so it's not betraying the holy "style".

anxofarmesto says:

I believe he would be (and probably will be) great to come out in the 2nd half to help Busquets in the midfield, even if that means sending Xavi,Iniesta,Fabregas or Alexis to the bench before the match is over. Also he could be in the starting eleven alongside Busquets in complicated matches, for example against Milan or if they face Juventus, Chelsea, Man United or Bayern.
Guardiola had Keita playing with Busquets or Toure Yaya many times to gain control of the game in the last few minutes.

Yuanfeng Gao says:

currently barca doesn't need Song to provide creativeness in the midfield, they have Xavi and Iniesta to do that. They need him to do what Mascherano do, and even play at center back position. However he's still working on the rhythm and defending positions. Ball control and where to pass and run still needs to improve.

Manu Bmr says:

Come Back …

Reinhard Armstrong says:

no more brilliant passing……
come back to arsenal, alex..

Inderjit Singh says:

Look at the date of the vid.

Ackeem Bowen says:

I think it was a good thing to buy him, as a Barca fan. From the playing time he has gotten this season he`s done well. I think he`ll get more playing next season with better rotation of players. I have to say he played well against Bayern.

Nick Dessalines says:

wasted talent

The Fourth Extension says:

fuck off you know nothing melt

hobbies0310 says:

I wish Arsenal would bring him back

NicoGF says:

Should play all match vs milan and barça are from the other side, easy to score 2 goals

commandant zabra says:

chief leaves people talk you're the best man is the fan club

ParaDoc says:

i hope he comes back to arsenal soon we need him soo bad and barca arnt even playin him

Rock Lee7 says:

he is gonna prove that he is the best midfielder

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