FC Barcelona’s four new faces for 2018/19 season

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The summer transfer window in Spain was closed at midnight on Friday, concluding several months of business. FC Barcelona made their signings early, with four new arrivals for 2018/19: Arthur, Lenglet, Malcom and Vidal are the quartet taking part in their first campaign for the Blaugrana this season.

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Mariaa Rimenez says:

Barça emojis with arthur and malcon

matias aguilera says:

Vidal the king

Erick Kurniawan says:

#VamosArturoNewBadBoyVidal 🙌🙌🙋😰😈😈😈

Erick Kurniawan says:

#VamosArturo''NewBadBoy"Vidal 🙌🙌🙋😰😈😈😈

Poiupooiu says:

#ViscaBarça 💖💙 💪💪💪


Vidal es una mierd4. Como jugador aceptenlo

Purwoko Hadiansyah says:

Messi : We Promise that this year that trophy will be back to the Nou Camp 👍😄

Ayoub Benabdelhak says:

Perfect dogs for this shity club

Jaudzems Agnes says:

vamosss barcaaa!!!!!…la liga,champions league,copa del rey..triple this season👑

HiradTheBest says:

The only ones I give a crap about is Vidal and Malcom no offense to anyone

Medo Ellithey says:

Please guys vote for Messi to win "The Best" award from FIFA on below link

Halgurd A Abdulah hA A says:

barca wen a champions lige

Richard Mendoza villa says:

El mejor Arturo Vidal!!!

xala 1234 says:


kosñipata-pilcopata Óscar says:

Por favor ponga un canal en DirecTV solo del barca por favor.. Para ver los entrenamientos y los partidos solo del Barcelona por favor ponga un canal

Lionel Messigician says:


maricela cuadrado says:

Las 4 incorporaciones ilusionan, pero a mi el que mas me ilusiona es Arthur ⚽💯

devesh pratapsingh says:

just bench Suarez and play vidal in midfield and messi as false 9

Paulo Augusto says:

Artur e Malcon vão ser jogadores da seleção Brasileira , jogam muita bola e são bem novos

ليث الكتلوني ارجنتيني says:

فيسكا برسا فاموس ارجنتينا بلتوفيق فيسكا

Tronco Orozco López says:

Venga Messi vos sos el mejor like si su pasión es el fútbol

jambulingam subramaniam says:

Fc Barcelona is one of the greatest team there are on fire and are going to win champion league

Christopher Quintero says:

Vamos barça q si se puede

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