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FIFA 18 career mode
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Qushry Adam Ibrahim says:

try to swap ter stegen for Navas

Qushry Adam Ibrahim says:

Can you buy lemar

Raffa Gaming says:

Buy ronaldo or Gareth bale

football videos says:

Poba should be in the team

football videos says:

Bring in grezmen

INFINITE Cjnunncy says:

Messi doesn’t sush the fans he delicates all his goals to my gran ps don’t say anything about my cuz

Filip Varga says:

Iniesta couldn't play a whole match nowadays…And I feel like he didn't want to take down the team just because he wanted to end his career in Barca…Barca would sign him for one or two more years. Every Barca fan loves him, but this may be better decision.

King 123 says:

Uh uh uh harder

Kimi Shah says:

You take ronaldooozzz

Yet the best says:

who all likes their own comment to give them a headstart!!

Likhwezi Landingwe says:

Try to sign De Bruyne

Sean Barker says:

bring boating in

Gail Tsagarelis says:

Sign pogba

Like if you agree

atik roy says:

Nonsence transfers and non sence career mode.

atik roy says:

Play messi in d right

Carrine Johnson says:

Buy leon bailey

Kanye Hernandez says:

buy James Rodriguez

Max Baker says:

Erickson please

Branko :D says:

Thats a funny one

Abdulmohsen Alzayer says:

Dele Alli (21 years old)

Like so he can see

Abdulmohsen Alzayer says:

Gabriel Jesus (21 year old)

like so he can see

Maximilian play soccer FIFA and fortnight says:



Ahmed Ebaa says:

Bro please sign lenglet 22 years old great fit for the squad and u could rotate him with your center backs in any team I sent this on your other career (man united)

Bradley Holden says:

Get Erickson

Alexandre Haack says:

Go for aspas

Tomislav Juretić says:

Can you buy modrić if you can bring him in barcelona

12niallk says:

Lets play hesitation HUH you lose you hesitated

12niallk says:

what about benfica career mode?

Nupur kathane-muller says:

Sign the Belgian beast Eden Hazard from Chelsea play him left wing and play Messi in right wing. Pls xxx

Ps love yo vids

Yazan Sheik Selo says:

Get Mahrez he is very good

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