Xavi Explains Why Lionel Messi Is “The Best Player In History” Of Football

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Speaking in Mumbai as a global ambassador for the 2022 World Cup, Xavi Hernandez discusses Barcelona’s Champions League chances and explains why he believes former teammate Lionel Messi is the greatest player in the history of football.

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Max Ross says:

Im a proud barca fan .i will always love xavi .our life our legend .a great part of us.

Nicolás Baratelli says:

the Gary Kasparov of football

Martin O'BRIEN says:


highlandsh says:

Perhaps one day come to America and teach football?

Thomas says:

what a boss.

Jesse Robledo says:

In history ???? Oh hell noooooo

NAjKON says:

My right ear is bleeding

Caminhando na Graça says:

4-Ronaldo fenômeno

Caminhando na Graça says:

This is a blasfeme against the king ? of football Pelé ?? more than 1000 goals and 3 times World Cup champion.

Sameep Ghimire says:

99% comments : xavi english good
1% : others
sorry for me bad ingles ?

Sven Schwingel says:

Grande Xavi ??

Mystic Wolf says:

And CR7 Shows why not

wmfthehorseman says:

Xavi will be an AMAZING manager if given the chance!

aboobacker siddique says:

xavi very good man

afzalraj93 says:

What a guy! so humble

Npl_Gurkha007 says:

?nepal ???

Pravèèn says:

WTF… Xvi is in India

MMM says:

Man Messi can sure carry Argentina….what a GOAT

E_M_E_T says:

so amazed that he's coming back to play in the catalunya friendly

Aniv says:

"Messi deserves it!"

ali cumar says:

He in Hindi to show them how tik tak dance is done

Ross Gh says:

#legend on and off the pitch. Respect maestro.

Eric Wilkins says:

goddamn xavi is literally impossible to dislike

Ricardo Rodriguez says:

The fact that people keep having to explain shows that Ronaldo just shows he’s the best ?

Gondwana says:

Holy f***ing shit his english is amazing! I've never heard him speak english so I just assumed it was shit hahaha

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